A  passionate artist with BA in Animation from Sheridan College graduated with Honors. Wide variety of artistic style and extensive experience in both the Animation and Gaming industry as a Character Designer and Concept Artist.



Disney Television Animation / Character Designer

Aug  2015 - PRESENT,  Glendale, California

  • Designed characters for Development Pitches for the Disney Development Team

  • Designed characters, incidentals and special poses for Season 4 of Star VS The Forces of Evil

Disney Television Animation / Color Stylist

Aug  2015 - PRESENT,  Glendale, California

  • Responsible for determining the color styling for props, characters, EFX and palettes on Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 of Star VS The Forces of Evil

  • Spearheaded the color styling pipeline and guided episode shipment to overseas studios

  • Trained 2 Color Stylists in department

  • Advised 2 Disney Television Animation Productions of working color styling pipelines

Amazon Studios / Creative Consultant, Creator

Jan  2014 - Aug 2015,  California

  • Co created and co designed an optioned animation show pitch

Arc Production Studios / Concept Artist

Dec  2014 - March 2015,  Toronto

  • Designed and painted characters, environments and props for 3D Movie short, Lego Marvel Avengers Assembled

House of Cool Studios / Character Designer

Sept  2014 - Dec 2014,  Toronto

  • Designed for the Look Series Development of 3D animated  revamped Magic School Bus Series for Scholastica and Netflix

  • Lead designer on the Magic School Bus character

  • Designed characters for national TV Commercials

Clapfoot Studios / Character Designer  

Dec  2014 - March 2015,  Toronto

  • Designed and painted characters, environments and props for 3D Movie short, Lego Marvel Avengers Assembled

Volta Studios / Concept Artist

April  2014 - Aug 2014,  Quebec City

  • Designed and painted  environments and props for 3D mobile game, Lucas Films Star Wars

ARB Studios / Concept Artist

Feb  2014 - April 2014,  Toronto

  • Designed characters, props and assets  for 3D mobile game, Tiki Kart

Illustrate It Videos / Art Director

Aug  2013 - Feb 2014,  Toronto

  • Designed, storyboarded, rigged and animated multiple explainer videos for companies such as Skills PEI Webisode and Jelli Radio

Guru Studios / Character Designer

March  2013 - July  2013, Toronto

  • Designed characters for development IP

Pipeline Studios / Character Designer, Animator

Jan  2013 - July  2013, Toronto

  • Designed assets for animation

  • Animated Cartoon Network YTv Show, Sidekicks

Chuck Gammage / Character Designer, Animator

June  2012 - Dec  2012, Toronto

  • Designed characters for Warner Brothers

  • Animated Tony Fucile’s childrens book, Bink and Gollie

Titmouse Studios / Intern

May  2011 - Aug  2011, Toronto

  • Assisted in character design, layout, and animation of various animated shows such as Black Dynamite, Metalocalypse, Sesame Street shorts and Underworld shorts.



Sheridan College / Art Fundamentals, and Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation

Sept 2007 - April 2012,  Oakville

  • Graduated with Honours

  • Complete group film Knighty Knight, which received online recognition and a feature by and Vimeo

  • Completed these film Found

University of Santo Tomas / Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Sept  2005 - April 2006,  Philippines

  • Completed First year



Guest Speaker at Ottawa’s Canadian Gaming Expo 2018

Exhibited at Gallery Nucleus art shows

Exhibited at  Popkiller Gallery